Sixties FashionFashion of the sixties was very complex. As the sixties progressed, fashion had a distinct style. In the beginning of the sixties, the fashion for women was a lot like the fifties. In the early sixties fashion was about glamour. Women wore flashy skirts and dresses and men wore suits and ties with tapered pants. The suit’s the men wore in the early sixties were called smart suits and their shoes were called Winklepickers because they were pointed leather shoes. When men dressed casual, they wore sport jackets and hats. Burton’s Suits or John Colliers was where most men chose to get their tailor made suits.

In the mid sixties women’s fashion changed again. There were many popular women’s hairstyles and one of the most popular women’s outfits was the Chanel suit. Women over thirty always wore the formal look. The hairstyles that were popular in the mid sixties were the flip, pixie, and beehive. In the mid sixties women were beginning to have a casual look to choose from. They wore calf length boots and long leather jackets. After 1965, the mini skirt became popular. Miniskirts rose 7 to 8 inches above the knee. Mary Quant’s boutique was one of first stores to sell mini skirts. Mini dresses were also very popular.

Around 1966 hippie styles started emerging. Velvet and lace were popular fabrics used in hippie clothing. The style of hippie clothing used many floral prints. In 1967, hippie style was in full swing with beads, beards, and long hair. The popular style included tye-dyed psychedelic shirts and paisley patterned clothing. Leather vests with long fronds and headbands were also very popular in the sixties.

During the ten years of the sixties, the style changed more than in most eras. Some of this may be because history was changing drastically during each part of this era.