Sixties TechnologyThe 1960’s was also a milestone for technology. During this period, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. During the 1960’s there was a race for technology specifically the exploration of space. This time period was known as the space race. The race took place between the United States and the Soviet Union. In 1961, the Soviets sent the first man to space, so the US countered the Soviets by sending the aircraft Apollo 1 into space. Tragically, many astronauts died during this mission. In 1968, Apollo 8 was sent into space with the hopes of a man being able to stand on the moon. In 1969, Neil Armstrong completed this mission in Apollo 11.

In late 1960, the big boxy car that was known to Americans was going out of style. Americans strived for a different type of vehicle. In the late 1960’s the muscle car emerged. The Ford Mustang was also invented in the 1960’s, along with Studebaker going out of business. This revolution gave way to different classifications of cars. There was now a compact, mid-sized, and full sized car.

The 1960’s had many other discoveries that would change the world forever. In 1960, the birth control pill was introduced. With the introduction of this pill came a huge controversy. The first satellite broadcast was made, and the first computer game called “Spacewar!” was invented. In 1963, Touch-Tone telephones were introduced on the market. In 1965, most families became film novices, by the release of the first Sony home video recorder. This decade also gave way to some movements in the health industry such as the first heart transplantation that took place in 1967.

Even though the 1960’s were a very busy time and there were a lot of protests and different movements happening, there was still plenty of time for many technological advancements that we still use today.